I am a Sword Otaku, but I died and resurrected as Elf Princess – Chapter 4: Am I Reborn as a Beautiful Elf? [English Version]

Author Notes: Sorry for the late update. I’ve been busy with work and with AFAID last two week. I promise I will upload next chapter faster.

Chapter 4: Am I Reborn as a Beautiful Elf? [English Version]


Was that my voice?
My voice become high pitched!?

This is impossible!
I who am fat and not good looking, now I have body like this?
Furthermore, now I’m not a male and human anymore.
Right now I am a female elf.
This is really unbelievable.

Oh well, to think that I was turned into a very beautiful elf.
But what am I going to do with this?
Right now I know that I was in elf’s body but I still have a few information about this place.

For now, let’s search this room.
There may be some kind of clue.

Firstly, I checked the left wardrobe.
The wardrobe is full of dresses.
Those dresses have many different colors and they are mostly used for parties.

Well, it’s not strange to see a girl’s room with wardrobe full of dresses.
But actually I’ve never been to any girl’s room before.
So, I thought that every single girl may have a wardrobe full of beautiful-looking clothes.

That makes me wonder, what is the purpose of the other wardrobe?

I opened the other wardrobe and found something really unexpected.
That wardrobe is full of battle equipments.
I cannot imagine, someone from nobility like this have battle equipments.

Those battle equipments consists of many weapons such as swords, axes, rapiers, lances, bows, etc.
Also there are equipments such as leather armors, leather vests, and many other light equipments.
Other than that, there were papers with circle and stars on it and several bottles which contained red water and blue water.
Those papers have some writings written into it but unfortunately I cannot read it.
The bottles with blue water and red water seems really dangerous, so I left it alone.
Because I was afraid that those bottles were poison.
I didn’t want to die again so fast.

This feels like an item storage in RPG.
I wonder, does my new body, this beautiful elf a good fighter?
Her arms were really slender and it really doesn’t fit to be a fighter.

Well in RPG, there were characters like this. They looked like a model but they can actually fight like a pro.
Maybe this body is one of them.

Or maybe she was a spellcaster?
But I didn’t think I saw a staff or wand from the wardrobe before.

I went to the balcony and saw the town from the above.
The town was full of forests.
Well, this is not surprising, the elves I known from the game and movies always lives inside the forest.
But the town is really big and not the usual size of the elf village I know in the game.
Maybe this town is the elf kingdom.
But does elf has their kingdom?
I thought that they just wanted to live in peace in the forest.
Well, that just the knowledge from the game that I have played.
There must be some sort of difference in this world.

While wondering what I will do next, I stare at myself at the mirror again.
My body right now is really beautiful and really sexy if I could say.

Hehehehe.. I just thought something really evil right now.
But it should be fine, since right now this body is mine.

In my world before, this chance will never happen.
Because no girls wanted to be friends with me.
They thought I was weird because I really love swords more than anything.
I guess that makes them scared or something.
But, never mind all of that, let’s enjoy this first, hehehe…

I tried to undress, but…
What’s with this dress?
I can’t remove this dress!
I have never worn a dress before so I didn’t know how.
Argh, I just have to try everything to undress.

After a while, I still cannot remove this dress.
I tried to look up this body’s memories but I have found nothing.
I just cannot remove this dress, but I still can feel this body sensitive spots.

I tried to touch this body’s breasts.
Suddenly, someone slam the door open.
From behind the door, a maid with really serious face came.
I was surprised, while still feeling the breasts with perverted look, I looked at the maid.

“So, you have woken up, Alicia-sama.”


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