I am a Sword Otaku, but I died and resurrected as Elf Princess – Chapter 3: Elf [English Version]

I opened my eyes as if I was awake from deep sleep.
I was awake in an unknown room.
A really large room, with many interiors painted in white.
This room could be called a “White Room”, because it’s literally a white room.

I was awoken in such a grand bed.
A bed that could possibly used for 3-4 people.
This bed really fits for any kind of royalty or nobles.

However, I didn’t remember anything before being brought to this room.
What I remember before this was I was died because I was hit by the truck then I was enveloped in the darkness.
But suddenly the light came and I could hear people’s voice from it.
Although I couldn’t remember really well about what they are saying.
Then, as the light enveloped my body, I was lost consciousness and that was the last thing I remember before being brought here.

Where is this place actually?
This room is fully furnished, there are wardrobes, a table with mirror, balcony with chairs and tables for relaxing and a multi-purpose table.

The wardrobes are positioned next to the grand bed, both on the left and on the right of the grand bed.
The table with mirror was positioned in the corner near the window where the balcony is.
In front of the grand bed, there was a multi-purpose table.
And the door of this room is across the window that leads to the balcony.

What is strange of this room is this room doesn’t have any electric plug-in.
So, it seems there is no way to charge my phone here.

But it was strange, didn’t I die?
Then, how come I can ended up being in the place like this and with my body that is still perfectly fine.
I remembered that my body was crumbled after it was hit by the truck.

I looked up my body once again and find out that my arms were really slender.
No way, I haven’t even gone diet or going to fitness centre even once.

If that’s true, what is happening here?
I scratched my head and find out that my hair was longer.
Another impossibility arrives, my hair couldn’t get more longer than my shoulder.
Also, my hair was not this silky and straight.
My hair was curly and really hard.

When I try to touch my ears, I feel that my ears become different.
It was not rounded anymore, it was pointy and really long.

This is getting crazier than I was imagined.
I was died but what is happening to me?

“I will give you a second chance to live.”

Suddenly, I remembered that words.
That words came when I was in the darkness and when the light enveloped me.
So, it’s true that I’m alive once again.

I looked at my body once again and I realized that I have a lump of meat on my chest even though my body right now is really slim.
To clarify of my hypothesis, I touch my crotch.

It’s true, my manhood was missing.
It was replaced by something I have never had before in my previous life.

Then, I walked out from the bedroom and go to the table with mirror.
I myself was amazed of what I was seeing and muttered…


There, I found a really beautiful elf wearing a white dress that could make any man’s heart thump and she was standing in front of the mirror instead of me.


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