I am a Sword Otaku, but I died and resurrected as Elf Princess – Chapter 1: Love Swords, Hate Guns [English Version]

Chapter 1: Love Swords, Hate Guns


The shooting sound was filling in the air.
I was sitting in the middle row while munching my popcorn.

The movie was about to reach the ending.
But unfortunately I was never satisfied with this kind of movie.

As the movies finished and the credit rolls, I started to think.

Hollywood movie was so boring.
They only uses guns when they fight.
Even when they are in melee combat, they always brawling. Just using punch and kick.
Well, sometimes they use knives but unfortunately I was never interested in knife fights.

Man, that’s really boring.
Isn’t there any scene where they use weapon like swords?
I think some where there but those weapon not last for too long.

Like in one scene in Mecha Hollywood movie I remember.
They use a sword after using ship as their weapon.
Why don’t they use the sword from the start? Rather than using the ship as the weapon.

But I wonder, how can they become a successful movie just using the repeating battle scene over and over.
Why there wasn’t any Hollywood movie that uses weapon or even magic?

I guess there were magic, but even in that famous wizard movie, there wasn’t any single scene that using a magic circle.
They only use wands and potion cauldron.

In Anime, the characters are not just only brawling but they use weapons and even magic.
They also perform some skills which was amazing.
Hollywood movies? Where can I found that?

Actually that was my rant as a Sword Otaku. People always see me as weird person and sometimes they thought that I was dangerous.
But aren’t gun more dangerous? Sword can only attack in the short range but Guns can attack from afar.

By the way, wasn’t sword is more resource friendly rather than guns? They only need maintain their sharpness by polishing the sword.
In the other hand, gun spends so many resource on its ammo and the ammo itself can only be used once and it’s unusable after firing.

Unfortunately, popular games nowadays are centralized around first-person shooter or FPS and that’s the genre that I always hate.
Why were people love those shooting games? I cannot understand that. They doesn’t even have any stories in it.
They care only for graphics.
I hate that kind of game.
I only prefer games with stories like RPG.

What the hell about those gun?
I prefer swords. They look cooler and beautiful.
But the world prefer guns over than swords.
Haah.. I really wish I can live in fantasy world where sword is popular.

My keychain, the Zephyr Tempest was the one of my creation.
I like to make a souvenir with the shape of swords.
Luckily, other Otakus really like to buy that from me.
Actually making souvenir with the shape of swords is my work to earn money.
But the one who wanted to buy it only the otakus who like swords.
Nowadays, there were not so many people who like these kind of things anymore.

I sighed while hearing the song from my headphone.
Then I take out my music player from my pocket to choose another song.

Right now I am currently crossing the road.
But apparently I was not looking at traffic lights because I was currently choosing a song.
Suddenly, a truck rushes over at me.
I couldn’t hear it from afar and when I could hear it, the truck already blow its horn and it’s right in front of me.

The truck couldn’t slow its speed.
When I saw the truck, it was already too late
The truck crashed into me.

Yes, I was died.
I was died when I was collided by truck.
Apparently my body was flown away and crumble.
Blood was flowing everywhere.
At that time my consciousness was fading.


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